manja cat nee ugly

by justine

manjacat seems to be settling in just fine. the first week, i cooped her in and we main mata in my room 24/7. the other two kitties – the mistress and the panther – have mixed feelings about her.

peggy is still trying desperately to be friends: rubbing noses, flopping down 2 centimetres in front of manjacat and generally being pleasant and amiable (the exact opposite of how she treats her people).

ebony is a holy black terror. growling like a fighter jet engine, scratching big tufts of fur from the mistress, slamming herself into my door trying to… eat manjacat.

my kitty has settled in the middle of this terribly complicated cat ecosystem, found a nice sleeping spot under the sofa upstairs and won JT’s heart and mine.

thankfully, i’m not terribly freaked by the lizards manjacat constantly brings home for me, and i can’t stress how much i enjoy having a purring cat-pillow to hug to sleep at night.

thanks, lains & liy. :)

QOTD (without any context):
i mean… we have cats together!