congrats! it’s a girl!

by justine

after a month of constant gastric attacks (one which sent me to the ER), i finally went for some poking and prodding at SDMC formerly known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre.

instead of telling you i could see its little heart beating, sad to say those are just lots of little stones. the biggest just 3.5mm in length or some shit.

the gastroscope was less scary than my chicken shit self anticipated. more painful was the hole-making (small veins, remember) where the nurses literally had to “milk” my arm for blood. ma heard me laughing from outside the ward and thought i had lost my marbles. 5 seconds laterĀ  i was groaning at the top of my lungs, while under sedation mind you.

wtf. how freaky.

next step? sit and wait for the countless meds to work. OR. surgery.

yeah yeah, just please get it done by may, when my ING guarantee letter expires. thanks.