got what i wanted eh?

by justine

as a very smart kid, i envied both my brother and my cousin who were warded for various un-life-threatening illnesses. i coveted their magazines and presents and fucking bears with balloons. i glowered looking on at all the fussing and attention they received.

i was warded 2 days last week for my surgery. and boy, was that horrific. i didn’t wake up all chirpy and renewed with new gall-less vigour as hinted by my surgeon. nope, more like 24 hours of cramping around each of my incisions; a chance meeting with a freshie nurse who tugged wrongly at my branula, squirting blood all over my nice hospital gown like some tarantino movie; a bout of UTI, which meant hourly trips to the washroom (it was either that or a catheter since bedpans apparently don’t exist on the 5th floor).

now i’m home sweet home, i realise i’ve taken too many things for granted. getting out of bed on my own? a thing of the past. the stitches force me into a posture that makes me want to burst into song. and i’ve (of course) been experiencing coughing and sneezing fits aplenty. nice one.

can’t wait to get these coverings and stitches removed and get back to the grindstone.