by justine

i wonder, has any other single (read: unmarried) female been subject to the same offensive statement that i have recently?

since i’m no longer the young bird/cat/chick i was 5 years ago, the adult thing to do next it to get a place and move my freeloading ass out of my family home. the one consistent theme in the many reactions to this is: “ask your boyfriend to buy you a place”

of course i know i’m a fragile, frail, inept, needy, weakling female and wont to need assistance with every step i take.

but why, oh why must my boyfriend sign 30 years of his life away to buy me a home? is it his manly responsibility? did i just strike it lucky being born without a penis? do men really have nothing better to do? is pussy juice worth a few hundred grand?

maybe my colleagues can get an office collection going and pool some extra cash to buy me one, it makes about as much sense as placing the burden arbitrarily on a boyfriend/husband.