finally giving a shit

by justine

so this is uncharacteristically feminine of me, but i’ve been worrying about maintaining my 18-year-old skin.

always been getting periodic bouts of life-crushing acne and finally found this, for lack of a better word, cute pack of acne patches.

just in case because i got suckered a month ago into buying a hada labo starter pack (face wash, toner and moisturiser) and touch wood, but there have been no breakouts so far.

am not terribly sure if it’s the product or whether it’s because i’ve been slapping myself like a moron applying it. ya, apparently there’s some girl memo that went out to the world about this face-slapping for better absorption, and i missed it. actually i missed every damn memo that went out about UV protection and eye care and makeup and conditioning and anti-aging too, but there you go.

besides, someone at FMFA still asked me for ID and thought i was 18 so there. there’s hope for me still.