silver vine is crack for cats

by justine

disturbing, yet terribly entertaining.

got a cat scratch board from Daiso and it came with a packet of catnip nay, silver vine. which was intriguing since none of my cats give a shit about catnip.

quickly assembled it after shoving manja into a room. what? i’m not giving hallucinogenic stuff to my “kid”.

this is peggy. peggy should take some. she was a bit depressed so, why not?

this is her usual unfriendly, body language screaming “get away from me” self.

ooh the stuff is working.

5 minutes later, she’s rolling all over the board and drooling over the floor.

15 minutes later, she goes mad and rips the board to shreds. so i chuck the pieces out the door and give her some time to recuperate. (later she started walking around in slow motion. how fun is that?)

then timmy comes along and makes love to the board as well.

…followed by the stray kitten my brother periodically feeds.

experiment successful! looks like all cats are just totally fucked the moment the get a whiff of the stuff. now stray cats are caterwauling (heh) outside and i wonder if it’s my fault. meh.