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can i go home now?

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Nihon Go!

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); So while we were rolling around in Villa Samadhi during our anniversary (which I’ll update never) an Airasia promo caught my eye. Coincidentally enough, I was on a job which had a Japanese theme. It was a pretty painful akin to ripping my toenail off twice kind of job and [...]

quinton rocks

went of for a holiday to krabi for songkran. took a video and uploaded it at the hotel (free wifi mah). a few days later. VIRAL! p/s yes, i was on fucking flight mode so shut the fuck up. it’s officially “viral” because yahoo said so

i want an invite to google+

google+ looks so sparkly. and it’s not just because i’m a fucking google fangirl, although it certainly plays a part. i know it’ll open soon, but i want it now!


read the trainyard story and decided to play my part in supporting indie developers (since i’ve been samun’ing other stuff online like a fucker). am getting a cheap thrill uploading solutions and tearing my hair out getting stuck on other levels. and no joke, this game will make your grey matter hurt. very awesome simple [...]


i’m so excited with every glimpse of the cupcake, donut, eclair, and frozen yoghurt in the back.

gyah! come to mama!

out of carpal tunnel comes mediocre art

had some fun with IOGraphica today. it catches mouse movements and makes “art”. heh. here’s 10 minutes of surfing the consumerist + playing social city. plants vs zombies zen garden! an 11-minute plants vs zombies game (swimming pool level). were you sharp enough to notice that my game isn’t fullscreen? :D

today’s search terms

years later and i cannot shake the stalkers who are digging for dirt on “yong may ling” and there’s a recent addition (from a few months back) “yc phoon” as if. you’d have better luck on facebook. or up someone’s ass crack. p/s i’m helping tag this post to disappoint all future stalkers. dead end, [...]

probably giving me an ulcer too

you know how everything just quadruples in annoying factor *KAPOW* once you’re already ticked off? yeah. work is doing that to me now. specifically, “senior writers” who have the whole day to gossip and whine with a fucking grating high-pitched keen. i know you’re dying, but could you take two steps in any direction to [...]

i still hate mac fanboys

my faithful dell laptop is a sputtering, even after a reformat (or three). but i still love it. and no, apple is not going to change my life like it changed yours. yes, it is a macbook, but it is still laptop. they aren’t mutually exclusive. my room is so neat (disclaimer: for now) it’s [...]