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placid fantastic

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); conflict, strife and misery equals a recipe for heart-stopping, tear-jerking, wrist-slitting drama; my life as i know it is a lovely double chocolate cake, accompanied with a glass of cold milk. absolutely delish.

happy birthday

20/11/1987 – 10/10/2006

of relationships and fucking them up

after a spontaneous hiatus (more of a passing zephyr of indifference rather than a calculated leave of absence) i have not one rambling soliloquy, but two! (if you can actually quantify those pesky nouns.) i think there’s only so much you can push, threaten, lecture, plead, beg, bargain and beseech someone who isn’t interested in [...]


自己的名字应该认得出吗? 请记一记在我们之间的关系那一段: 心烦意乱。 四年里那么多的回忆,没有一个是好的。 我宁愿死也不想听到你的消息, 不想收到你的短信。 别再烦我。

let’s dance like we used to

bird hunting

Stop it. Only the both of us know what transpired and as time passes even that slowly fades from memory. Your version of events is not mine. And the truth disappears in the archive of a forsaken email account. But. Does it even matter? I know what I had to live with. What I had [...]

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“If your friends all jumped off a bridge, would you jump off too?” if you asked me, i probably would have. i got into trouble for you, got dragged into random fights because of you, obligingly entered into your petty little power struggles (less of struggles than they were games, we all know who would [...]

a lesson

People are fragile things, you should know by now Be careful what you put them through Editors – Munich

bare, butt naked

i think i would be more impressed with titles and designations today if i wasn’t continually subjected to the unprofessional and childish behaviour plus general stupidity of people who, amazingly, have made noticeable moves up the corporate ladder without any obvious skills (what they do to their bosses behind closed doors e.g. rimming has not [...]

stuck on repeat

i love cherries. cherries are great. i love to tell everyone about my love for cherries. they are round and red and shiny. and they taste great! one day i decide i don’t like them that much. i don’t like that they are round and red and shiny. i don’t like cherries; for being cherries. [...]