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can i go home now?

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i went all the way to uzbekistan

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); and i got was this PETRONAS merdeka raya spot ;)

wow! radio is an awesome medium!

radio format 1 annoying dick A: oooh, is that the new <client’s product>? simpering fool B: yes! it is the new <client’s product>! annoying dick A: wow! does it have <product benefit 1>? simpering fool B: not only does it have that, it also has <product benefit 2> <product benefit 3> <product benefit 4>! annoying [...]


“You need a big idea.” Sure that’s a relevant statement for our industry. Or it used to be. ATL. Digital. It’s not the same animal. I’m going to get shot, drawn and quartered by a few old dogs for saying this, but sometimes you don’t need a big idea. “What’s the big idea?” maybe it’s [...]

now this is what you call “commute”

So it’s been about a month. Working in the heart of the city requires aunty to be in bed before 4am to hit the street by 9am to be sitting at my desk in front of the boss before 10am. I now eat at regular human time, which has freaked me out. No, I’m not [...]


mum and i share the same birthdate. in a way. X number of years ago on the same day, my life began – my foray into the world of advertising. some may say, with a cynical toss of the head, that i actually commemorate the day my soul died. but i’m feeling optimistic at this [...]

london calling

so, oh mah gawd. no way. did’ya hear? i’m going to london. for a creative brainstorm.  i’m going to london. flying business freaking class. two equally desparite sources give two reasons for my good fortune: i. i’m an all-rounder creative with both digital and above-the-line experience which will be invaluable to working out the kinks [...]



4 copywriters. 3 making a mad scrabble to clear leave before the year end. 1 poor sod who’s used up his quota (and then some). as my dear butterfoot succinctly put it: Jook u are my idol !! good luck, take care, all the best, my friend. you’ll need it.

halloween week

work has been hectic. timelines have been totally fucked up. yet this week has been a nice one. there was a dinner (after a long, torturous drive) at tamarind springs. yummy! there was the surprise appearance of a new, old Nikon FE2. omg! and last, but not least, there was my first kancil award. :) [...]

RIP yasmin ahmad

heard from my friend in leo burnett that yasmin ahmad passed away just minutes ago. i’ve always looked forward to being able to work with her one day, but now i will never have that honour. from everything i’ve heard from friends and acquaintances, she embodied none of the rampant cynicism or nastiness or work-related [...]