chaka chaka

can i go home now?

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); you’d never ever dream of going to a place like uzbekistan. yup, neither did i, but here i am.

sweet! songkran!

work almost ruined this weekend

super special delivery

o, glorious long weekend camera

april quadtych

look out


a  whole day off. what did you do? i startled my cat. she gave me scratches, i gave her a bath. take that! then, i conquered a tiny anxiety, 272 concrete steps, and this ennui that has been steadily building up over the past few months.

manja cat nee ugly

manjacat seems to be settling in just fine. the first week, i cooped her in and we main mata in my room 24/7. the other two kitties – the mistress and the panther – have mixed feelings about her. peggy is still trying desperately to be friends: rubbing noses, flopping down 2 centimetres in front [...]

veins. tea. vits.

small veins will be the death of me. lemon chamomile. or potpourri. same difference. if i had to stop smoking to keep my complexion, i wou- oh, ya right.