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can i go home now?

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(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); for some it might be money, pretty dresses, 1000 pairs of shoes, a boy, a girl, love, a good fuck, facebook, tattoos, alcohol, television, even billy corgan. my own quiet fixation? blue skies and birds.

she makes me so proud (while driving me mad)

she spends hours (and i mean hours) painstakingly making these damned flowers – petal by tiny petal – by hand. i asked whether they sold them at shops. she told me they were too uniform so she had to make them by hand to get them the shape/size she wants. how can you not be [...]

cherating, redeemed

prime time of your life

does this mean my photos will be all award-winning picture perfect? hardly. it just means i don’t have to mooch off JT’s yummy lens (which has spoilt me for life) and i can also now peek into my neighbour’s house from the comfort of my room. p/s nothing interesting has happened so far.

i see you

was stuffing my face today, more than a little distraught after some heated erm discussion with ma. then my loveliest gives me this: he warned me that it isn’t a terribly expensive lens. like, who’s care, hon? it’s a lovely present. i love it, and i love you. <3 nikkor 70-300mm AF G. i just [...]


photos from an impromptu session. they look like stills from some chinese horror movie. i like very much.

of strawberries & honeycombs

ancient new modern history

the first part of the long leave commenced with a road trip to malacca. yes, we all roll our eyes at the little town that spawned, since the last count, 2,134,518 lomo photos and even more artsy fartsy DSLR shots. post-worked and posted to death. which is why the posse road trip was sorely missing [...]

lie to me

so does straightening, colour-correcting, level-tweaking mean you’re cheating? or are you failing yourself by not making your celluloid snaps better? is it a compromise of skill of you don’t get it perfect in that one shot? or is it pure bull-headed, “cutting my nose to spite DSLRs” pride to shun technological enhancements?

trying to keep up

saw the slideshow on shyng’s blog and it is too cool. i’m a bit slow these days, forgive my old age and steadily-creeping senility. clouds!