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can i go home now?

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All set for tokyo

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But is tokyo ready for me? Some (not all) of my carry-on items. Haven’t decided on a book yet. So stoked!

Counting down to Tokyo


’nuff said



I’m actually more active on twitter, and more recently, path. strange. initially hated that thing. well, sort of how i initially didn’t want any apple devices. -sheepish owner of a macbook, iPad and iPhone

they hate us using debit

oh, how they discourage your from using your own cash. filled my tank up just now and came back to check my transaction on maybank2u to see they billed me RM200. yes, it’ll be credited back to me within 3-14 days, but damn, son, that ain’t cool.


i wonder, has any other single (read: unmarried) female been subject to the same offensive statement that i have recently? since i’m no longer the young bird/cat/chick i was 5 years ago, the adult thing to do next it to get a place and move my freeloading ass out of my family home. the one [...]

got what i wanted eh?

as a very smart kid, i envied both my brother and my cousin who were warded for various un-life-threatening illnesses. i coveted their magazines and presents and fucking bears with balloons. i glowered looking on at all the fussing and attention they received. i was warded 2 days last week for my surgery. and boy, [...]


finally consulted a surgeon who came highly recommended by my uncle, datuk koh (subtle, right? i know). thought it would be over in a snap, but my outpouring of paranoia-fueled questions didn’t end till about 11 (i was in around 9am). doctor ong has this wonderful bedside manner speaking super low and then flashing the [...]

congrats! it’s a girl!

after a month of constant gastric attacks (one which sent me to the ER), i finally went for some poking and prodding at SDMC formerly known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre. instead of telling you i could see its little heart beating, sad to say those are just lots of little stones. the biggest just [...]