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Ming is the bomb

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Was showing ming my new camera effects. What better subject than his highness. “Look at those sculpted cheeks without makeup.”

Baby Cham

There are few cloying acts of coupledom that still have the power to raise my eyebrows. From the unconventional: Lining up for hours to purchase shitty fast food premiums that spell out your beloved’s name; Gunning it to Cameron to lug back 1,000 red roses; Starting a joint blog co-authored by The Princess and her [...]

Staving off adulthood for a long as possible

I have the sweetest friends and colleagues. 3 birthday meals (lunch, lunch, dinner) presents and failed surprises. Lot of laughs and jibes about me being 24. You’re all too kind <3

Shower cat

With liy’s words of warning ringing in my head, I was super wary about giving manja a bath. Would she bite, scratch, hate me for life? She mewed piteously: “I knew this day would come…” but she was a good girl. Now time to get the stench of shampoo off.

in lieu of a marriage and kids

this just warm fuzzy feeling all the way to my toes. how can it not, really? after a whole day looking at retardes (HANGOVER!) and weirdos, to be greeted by sweet kitty innocence… have i become “that cat lady”? i think photos of just one cat hardly counts.

sunday snooze

a wishlist

manja? mango? chomel?

manja ugly (i didn’t name her btw) adpoted from @lainie and @liy am reminded again of how badly the blackberry camera sucks.

way back in the day

i weep at the irony of being broke, now. when i started as a wee green grasshopper, taking home a tenth (i wish) of what i’m making now, i had oodles of cash to splurge around on unnecessary things like nintendos and shark pouches and cow-printed shite. i could also drink myself senseless and cab [...]

flowers, and rainbows, and ponies

just realised that i’m spamming people’s blogroll literally with a big “fuck you”. so. in the past week people around me have sucked. hard. some are a big surprise. some are just blood-sucking leeches. always have been, always will be. it’s hard to be surprised when leeches have bad manners. duh. anyhoo, was having dinner [...]