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can i go home now?

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silver vine is crack for cats

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); disturbing, yet terribly entertaining. got a cat scratch board from Daiso and it came with a packet of catnip nay, silver vine. which was intriguing since none of my cats give a shit about catnip. quickly assembled it after shoving manja into a room. what? i’m not giving hallucinogenic stuff to my [...]

finally giving a shit

so this is uncharacteristically feminine of me, but i’ve been worrying about maintaining my 18-year-old skin. always been getting periodic bouts of life-crushing acne and finally found this, for lack of a better word, cute pack of acne patches. just in case because i got suckered a month ago into buying a hada labo starter [...]

that time of the year

told manja I was a bit bogged down so she offered to to my  taxes for me.

things to do in no particular order

save money buy more books exercise, bitch grow up make money work on craft read more annuals read more ad man books be neater

i am absolute

i am black and white i don’t give a shit about your grey or myriad feints and excuses and buts and shrugs i am a despot tyrant do not fuck with me i am absolute and immovable

because i’m slightly tipsy

i’d like to announce to the world: the new loves of my life. ashin. (chomelnya baby face with glasses.) look he’s sleeping, like a cherub. wtf. since when was i this attracted to any chinese guy?? you know it’s love, when you can overlook that the object of your affections is named… monster. oh ye [...]

in rawang, never ask someone if they’re tired

a couple of nights ago, pickway was relaying some random trivia over our weekly kim gary dinner. “did you know, grasshoppers and other performers like aaron kwok tape their dicks down?” i choked on a spoonful of shredded pork and chinese mushroom rice. “to avoid wardrobe malfunction?” i wondered, thinking of the shiny tiny hot [...]

ancient new modern history

the first part of the long leave commenced with a road trip to malacca. yes, we all roll our eyes at the little town that spawned, since the last count, 2,134,518 lomo photos and even more artsy fartsy DSLR shots. post-worked and posted to death. which is why the posse road trip was sorely missing [...]

my morning alarm cat



i must tell ya, comment spam these days has gotten sooooooo ass-kissy. Are you a professional journalist? You write very well. i’m flattered. I liked it. So much useful material. I read with great interest. and finally, Hi, I discovered your web site a number of weeks ago and have read all the posts and [...]