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quinton rocks

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); went of for a holiday to krabi for songkran. took a video and uploaded it at the hotel (free wifi mah). a few days later. VIRAL! p/s yes, i was on fucking flight mode so shut the fuck up. it’s officially “viral” because yahoo said so

evil gang meets redbox

so this has been the best weekend in yonks. firstly, no work. secondly, adik khairul aka hanip proclaimed awhile back that he had never (like never) experienced the trashy guilty pleasure that is karaoke. for real, i never knew people like this existed. so off we went to pop his k-cherry with aplomb. but before [...]

slow saturday @ urbanscapes

super baby @ urbanscapes anti-social behaviour @ urbanscapes (at least aroha and i were playing mario kart together) Chelsea Maika design my new golden half. thanks, sayang. :)

kl design week maximum minimalism

“Do more of the things I like to do and fewer of the things I don’t like.” – Stephan Sagmeister some things are so simple that they need saying over and over again. with the brilliant (and hot) Eva Rucki from troika and lainie

kl design week 2009

since i missed the sagmeister conference in august i’m elated to be going for kl design week’s MMC (Maximum Minimalism Conference) with lainie this sunday. woohoo!

there’s a light that never goes out

earth hour. saturday, 28th march. 8:30pm wherever you are. i don’t buy into it. it’s a nice cause. a nice way to spread the word. but i hate the sheer yuppiness of it. so, you’ll make a concious effort to conserve energy for a whole hour out of 1 year. 365 days. what are you [...]

arrangements by nobuo uematsu

so after talking to bran about VGL and how we’re so going, he mentioned that there was “some final fantasy thing” happening in may. oh, a final fantasy thing. that sounds nice. it was is distant worlds, which of course, is completely, totally crazily sold out. i think bee yen and i are going to [...]

video games live in singapore

i got forwarded this link for a g33kworthy, droolsome event in singapore. yeah, of course singapore. video games live say that again? Video Games Live i didn’t hear you. FREAKING VIDEO GAMES LIVE BITCHES! yar. it’s video game music played live by an orchestra and choir + video game footage + synched lighting + do [...]

lapsap bbq junkyard charity edition

lapsap bbq special charity date: 29 march 2009 time: 1 – 7pm venue: palate palette mmmmm… lapsap bbq. i love buying jacinta’s stuff. y’know, you’re not really cool till you’re wearing castoffs clothing from someone on the KL cool list. /s but seriously. her stuff = hot also check with vendors, lapsap and a few [...]

lapsapxif spins dell-icious

it’s terrible that i never pay attention to event names and such. just found out what it was called today. i don’t know, i was too busy oggling siau’s designs to have a look at the event details. free flow was supposed to go on for 2 hours or when it ran out, whichever came [...]