chaka chaka

can i go home now?

quinton rocks

went of for a holiday to krabi for songkran. took a video and uploaded it at the hotel (free wifi mah). a few days later. VIRAL!

p/s yes, i was on fucking flight mode so shut the fuck up.

it’s officially “viral” because yahoo said so


I’m actually more active on twitter, and more recently, path. strange. initially hated that thing. well, sort of how i initially didn’t want any apple devices.

-sheepish owner of a macbook, iPad and iPhone

work almost ruined this weekend








super special delivery

o, glorious long weekend camera

wow! radio is an awesome medium!

radio format 1

annoying dick A: oooh, is that the new <client’s product>?

simpering fool B: yes! it is the new <client’s product>!

annoying dick A: wow! does it have <product benefit 1>?

simpering fool B: not only does it have that, it also has <product benefit 2> <product benefit 3> <product benefit 4>!

annoying dick A: i also heard it is now <discounted price> with <current promo>!

simpering fool B: you are right! i’ve already gotten 20 million of these <client’s product> at <discounted price>! what about you?

annoying dick A and simpering fool B burst into fake laughter.

radio format 2

whiny asshole A: oh, i’m so sick of <random dumb fuck problem> happening to me!

smug self righteous prick B: really? you mean you still haven’t discovered <product benefit> of <client’s product>?

whiny asshole A: no, i’ve never heard of <product benefit> of <client’s product>! tell me what is it!

smug self righteous prick B: well, <client’s product> is very efficient at <product benefit> and now it comes with <extra benefit> too!

whiny asshole A: oh! i’m going out to grab <client’s product> now to solve my <random dumb fuck problem> today!

whiny asshole A and smug self righteous prick together: because <product tagline>!

whiny asshole A and smug self righteous prick burst into bout of fake laughter

footnote: in radio commercials there is no such thing as a period. every sentence must end either with an exclamation mark or multiple questions marks. this is mandatory. suffer exclusion on the pain of death.

they hate us using debit

oh, how they discourage your from using your own cash.

filled my tank up just now and came back to check my transaction on maybank2u to see they billed me RM200.

yes, it’ll be credited back to me within 3-14 days, but damn, son, that ain’t cool.


the past two months have been the textbook cliché rollercoaster of emotional ups and downs. i bid goodbye to a very precious, much loved part of my life and am trying to move on. at the same time, there was a MAS pitch going on at work, and (obviously, because shit must happen all at once) some unforeseen circumstances forced me to search for a place of my own.

strangely, everything has happened smoothly, albeit suddenly. my new colleague is a paradoxically baby-faced veteran landlord whose tenants serendipitously moved out.

it seems like a small thing, but being the baby that i secretly am, i’m still getting used to all the grown up stuff.

manja, i moved out of the house last week. she’s getting accustomed to high-rise living. and i’ve been running around getting keys, getting cleaners, getting movers, getting things as close to normalcy as possible. and i’m glad to have someone holding my hand every step of the way.

this is not an unhappy post. you can call it a slightly vexed post. or maybe even bemused post. can you blame me? everything i’ve known for the past few years has got to change. it’s a scary thing, suddenly you see how easily the supposed iron pillars of your life can crumble and blow off in the wind.

it scares me to see how easily i, myself, can be shaken.

i want an invite to google+

google+ looks so sparkly. and it’s not just because i’m a fucking google fangirl, although it certainly plays a part.

i know it’ll open soon, but i want it now!

whatever i’m feeling is nothing new, right?

As Ray Porter watches Mirabelle walk away he feels a loss. How is it possible, he thinks, to miss a woman whom he kept at a distance so that when she was gone he would not miss her. Only then does he realize that wanting part of her and not all of her had hurt them both and how he cannot justify his actions except that… well… it was life.”