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silver vine is crack for cats

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); disturbing, yet terribly entertaining. got a cat scratch board from Daiso and it came with a packet of catnip nay, silver vine. which was intriguing since none of my cats give a shit about catnip. quickly assembled it after shoving manja into a room. what? i’m not giving hallucinogenic stuff to my [...]

manja cat nee ugly

manjacat seems to be settling in just fine. the first week, i cooped her in and we main mata in my room 24/7. the other two kitties – the mistress and the panther – have mixed feelings about her. peggy is still trying desperately to be friends: rubbing noses, flopping down 2 centimetres in front [...]

my morning alarm cat


poor kitty! cat jump phail