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can i go home now?

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i went all the way to uzbekistan

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); and i got was this PETRONAS merdeka raya spot ;)

brylcreem’s cool “effortless” ad

the chow sing chi ones

i lost all my old tv scripts. :(


mr. t shoots speedwalker, americans all up in arms about “injustice” wtf hypersensitive americans and genuinely funny advertising but now before they made tons of ka-ching 25 startups that bombed spectacularly mccain hates children slightly less than he hates homosexuals “orphans shouldn’t have gay parents.” i dugg it just for Fun House 5 most unfair [...]


i love shoots. while some others find them tedious and boring (or blasé), i find it great fun to watch it go from script to shoot to post to tv. granted, i’ve never actually had the time to catch anything of mine on the damn telly. this time round, we got 3 of the same [...]