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can i go home now?

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i went all the way to uzbekistan

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); and i got was this PETRONAS merdeka raya spot ;)

now this is what you call “commute”

So it’s been about a month. Working in the heart of the city requires aunty to be in bed before 4am to hit the street by 9am to be sitting at my desk in front of the boss before 10am. I now eat at regular human time, which has freaked me out. No, I’m not [...]


mum and i share the same birthdate. in a way. X number of years ago on the same day, my life began – my foray into the world of advertising. some may say, with a cynical toss of the head, that i actually commemorate the day my soul died. but i’m feeling optimistic at this [...]

probably giving me an ulcer too

you know how everything just quadruples in annoying factor *KAPOW* once you’re already ticked off? yeah. work is doing that to me now. specifically, “senior writers” who have the whole day to gossip and whine with a fucking grating high-pitched keen. i know you’re dying, but could you take two steps in any direction to [...]

london calling

so, oh mah gawd. no way. did’ya hear? i’m going to london. for a creative brainstorm.  i’m going to london. flying business freaking class. two equally desparite sources give two reasons for my good fortune: i. i’m an all-rounder creative with both digital and above-the-line experience which will be invaluable to working out the kinks [...]

don’t ask me to think

feels like i’ve reached one of those milestones that everyone has at some point in their lives. wondering what to do with my life. in fact, i’ve still not figured out what it is exactly that i want. i have no plans to stay in advertising forever. most of my family could (and still are) [...]

it’s not me, it’s the e-stalking

you really want to know the difference between working in an ATL agency versus an interactive one? in ATL, no one logs in to their facebook, no one checks their work mail, no one’s even heard of twitter, and general managers think BLOGS ARE THE NEW HOT THING. here, everyone is twittering, there are group [...]

jenga injury

was just downloading some photos from my phone – photos of noelle’s baby to show our favourite yoni in singapore – and i found some slightly backdated photos from another “brainstorm” session. awesome jenga is awesome what’s that tim? a “sports” injury?

the smile belies the shitloads of work

nani wearing my shades. me wearing the cute wooden doggie necklace she randomly got me. so sweet. <3

extremely free

up till last week, i had never played jenga. yes, yes, i know one of my best friends runs a games shop and another one managed to build a 6-foot tall jenga tower at breeze junction, ampang. yeah, i suck. sorry. for reasons unknowns, i was pretty freaked out. i don’t know, maybe it’s because [...]